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Feedback from customer: Excellent customer service! Received the order in no time after ordering on-line and are quite pleased with the product. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future.
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Q. How much is shipping , how can I get quote?
A. Go to http://nussopillows.com/order.htm?format=quote Enter your postal code and your requirements shipping charges and summary should appear in yellow box
Q. How long between ordering and shipping,
A.8 0% of our orders go out within 3 working days or better , custom sizes and orders over $1000.00 understandably will take longer
Q. You ship compressed will that affect the resiliency of the pillow.?
 A. No. We recommend that you unpack and allow I the product to decompress within 30 days of shipping. It takes about 3-4 hours for its full shape and bounce to return Polyester filler cushions
Q. Can I pick up my order?
A. Sure , but please come when called as we are busy and our shipping dock is a happening place
Q. Why is there a 2.50 surcharge for residential delivery
A. The carrier and us are aware that there are many home based businesses , we salute them , However the 2.50 surcharge is not from our side, it is a surcharge imposed by our our shipping company, reason; residential customers have more incidences of multiple delivery attempts.(  unfortunately no exceptions).
Q. Do you ship outside Canada?
A. By the skid to the USA and by the container to the Americas
Product Questions--- Polyester
QWhat type of fiber do you use. ?
A. We use top quality non recycled fiber technically is it know as hollow siliconized conjugate, check our blog pillowforms blogSpot for a details on these technical terms
Q Non recycled ., is that a good thing?
A. Recycled is never clean white, nor does it have the resiliency as it is made of old plastic bottles and used in the production of mattresses and  cheaper cushions
Q How Do i pay for my purchase?
A We will receive your order by email, and advise you. We will issue a formal confirmation next working dayl  at that time you can call in your credit card, or you can mail company cheque, (which we will wait to clear), we accept paypal as well.
Q. Do you extend credit?
A. Yes here is our credit application  Nusso Credit Application download fill and fax or email,
Product Questions  down/feather pillow inserts
Q, Is your covering down proof?
A. Yes, covering is 266 count 100% cotton, see our feedback, no complaints
Q. Is there an odour?
A. The down/feathers are washed and treated in the production process, but yes there still is a slight odour which will dissipate over time. It is not noticeable if cushion are  in decorative covering, 
General questions
Q. .Do you accept returns?
A. Yes , we stand behind our product unless it is specified as seconds or irregular we will take back any damaged product.  We do not sell on consignment or approval?
Q. Do you sell to the public?
A. Sorry  no.We sell to verifiable retailers, organizations, manufacturers , crafters and designers,
Quilt Battts
Polyester stuffing
Q. Does your stuffing work in the bear blowing machines such as the build a bear   or similar
A. Yes no problem,  we also make small individual bags of stuffing for bear and bunny building parties
Q. How do you ship the polyester stuffing it is very bulky?
A. Our exclusive compression technique allows us to save on shipping , you will get 100% resiliency  and loft 3 hours after opening  the carton, And yes its fun to watch it  expand 3-4 times its original volume
Q. How many pounds in a typical shipping carton?
A. Compressed we can get 30 lbs.
Custom (contract) work